Tech/Engineering Contacts

Technical-Engineering Contacts

Product Engineering

Ian Scholey

Ian Scholey

Chief Technology Officer
+1 303-708-9044
Email Ian

Joe Maurer

Senior Engineering Director, R&D – Centennial
+1 303-708-5187 Office
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Dennis Stammen

Dennis Stammen

Senior Engineering Director, R&D – Ohio
+1 937-497-5414 Office
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Andrew Jordan

Andrew Jordan

Director of Engineering - Centennial
+1 720-592-3042
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Jared Lewis

Jared Lewis

Engineering Manager - Canton
+1 330-244-0547 Office
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Bob Will

Bob Will

Engineering Manager - Sidney
+1 937-497-5422 Office
Email Bob

Corporate IT

Steve Flores

Steve Flores

Chief Information Officer
+1 303-708-5184 Office
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