Rutherford Aerosol and Tall Can Decorator and Basecoater

About the Stolle Rutherford Aerosol and Tall Can Decorator and Basecoater

These machines are specially designed to print tall 2-piece aerosol or beverage can bodies up to 10.5” high.  They are expertly engineered and ruggedly built to deliver the superior performance can makers have associated with the Rutherford name for over 60 years.  The Decorator machine applies up to eight colors - plus varnish - at speeds up to 1500 cans per minute - the fastest tall can decorator available.  It features Stolle’s latest technical advancements, including many improvements to the inker units that result in easier operation and higher print quality.  The 24 station spindle disc is equipped with Stolle’s new pivoting mandrels that improve print pressure and reduce toe-in.  The  Basecoater machine applies a perfectly opaque layer of ink to tall can bodies at 1500 cans per minute.  The dual coating units apply the coating with minimal overlap and slinging, resulting in accurate coating weights and a superior finish on the cans.  Both the Decorator and Basecoater machines feature extremely fast can size changeover capability, easy access to components for ease of maintenance, and microprocessor-based programmable controls for total operational flexibility.