MicroFlex Spray Machines

About the Stolle MicroFlex Spray Machine

The Stolle MicroFlex Spray Machine (MX SM) is a versatile internal coating system with exceptional features and proven operation.  Designed to precisely apply  protective coating to the inside of beverage, food or aerosol cans, the MX SM features a servo-driven starwheel that indexes the cans in front of the spray area.  Single index, double index or triple index systems are configurable with no change parts, and the triple index configuration allows machine speeds up to 400 cpm.  The starwheel is designed to be quickly changed for different can diameters and heights for fast product changeovers

The Stolle MX SM is available with either a fixed gun or lancing spray operation to best accommodate a wide variety of beverage, food and aerosol can diameters and heights.  Each spray gun is independently controlled and has its own adjuster to insure precise spray pattern control.  All machines feature industry-proven Nordson guns, regulators, filters and valves.  There is an individual spray pressure regulator for each gun, and all spray components, lines and fittings are made of stainless steel for long life and ease of cleaning and maintenance.